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Esoterische Berufe

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Genre Technik.

Psychologie, esoterik

Einbandart Paperback. General US: Trade. This book will guide you through a year of magic.

Gogerty, Clare. No longer tainted by notions of sorcery, hexes and cobwebs, witchcraft has been rediscovered by those of us yearning for re-enchantment.

The Witch's Yearbook Spells, stones, tools and rituals for a year of modern magic. A year-long magical adventure with everything the modern witch needs to develop their witchy practice. Bewertung schreiben.

Do you wonder if there is more to life than the grind of the everyday? Whether you are a solitary hedge witch, part of a coven, a practising witch or an aspiring one, this book will furnish you with the vital knowledge to enrich your journey and to sprinkle magic and enchantment over every day. Zusammenfassung A year-long magical adventure with everything you need to develop your modern witchy practice, through the seasons and sabats of the pagan calendar.


Have you walked in an ancient forest or sat in a stone circle and felt a deep sense of peace and belonging? By celebrating the eight sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, you will work with nature to activate your hidden power and trigger miraculous happenings. Sprache Englisch. Sitzung ist abgelaufen Die Sitzung ist abgelaufen.

Produktart Buch. Inhalt A year-long magical adventure with everything the modern witch needs to develop their witchy practice. Erscheinungsjahr Erscheinungsdatum Seiten Seiten.

CHF In den Warenkorb. Features including crystal gazing, dowsing, reading the Tarot, the magic of stone circles and folklore traditions, to increase knowledge and inspire curiosity.


Based on the cycles of nature and guided by the seasons, it will give you the tools and knowhow to unveil the magic that surrounds us. Kategorie Technik.

Falls Sie nicht eingeloggt waren, konnten wir den Inhalt des Warenkorbs und der Merkliste leider nicht speichern. A former magazine editor, for numerous titles including The Simple Things magazine, she is now a freelance journalist and author, writing about spirituality, travel, homes and gardens for various magazines and newspapers. Clare Gogerty lives on a smallholding in Herefordshire which she intends to open as a spiritual retreat.

Buch Paperback Seiten. Do you believe in magic? Packed with information and inspiration, this book boosts well-being, self-worth and happiness by tapping into the healing power of nature, the cycle of the seasons, the pull of the moon, the wisdom of ancient trees and forgotten paths, and the spiritual rewards of creativity. If the answers to any of these are yes, then you need witchcraft in your life. It will enrich your life.

It includes:Seasonal spells, remedies, rituals and affirmations that use the power of plants, herbs and stones to offer guidance and healing. A member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, she has been interested in magic, druidry and folklore since childhood. Creative projects with a witchy purpose that can be used in rituals and spells.

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Whether you're a solitary hedge witch, part of a coven, a practising witch or an aspiring one, this guide will furnish you with the knowledge to enrich your journey and sprinkle magic over every day. Have you ever looked at a full moon on a clear winter night and shivered?

Illustrationen Illustrations, unspecified.

Witchcraft can attract love, give your career a boost, protect your home and help with healing. Gewicht g.

Berufe nach dem Psychologie Studium - 30 Berufsmöglichkeiten kurz erklärt

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