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Filipina-Mädchenjagd nach Jungen für die Familie

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Swingerclub Steinhaus

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Got there about Seemed like they were already out the door when we got there.

Name: Marie-Jeanne
Alter: 28

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I'd been in Blue heaven twice, around and I think. It was trimmed a bit lower down because I didn't have to part the hair. There was activity all night but nothing to really entice me after I had cum the first time. I was massaging her tits for a few minutes then her guy beckoned me in. P3 Friday Sept 7th. Arrived at 8. The registrations on Joyclub usually reflect on how big a party will actually be.

I spoke to some locals and had around 40 euro worth of alcohol if you had to buy in a bar. Was hoping for suggestions for a second place? Both events were Sunday parties and sausage fests as I recall.

Dating plattform schwul sankt johann im pongau österreich

FKK Arabella and Grimberg day time and some swingers too. For 35 euro its good. I knew it would be covered so I said to just continue the 69, we continued for around few minutes, and then her bloke arrived back, and he said he wanted her to pause and go get the buffet. A couple of guys were standing around watching, then one moved in for a BJ but seemed to go limp after about 10 minutes.

Off to the shower, then I had a great feed from the buffet which is always top notch. Most of the single guys got very very little. Still okay there but it can be a sausage fest. Only a few couples and around 10 single guys. Steinhaus experience Club, I'm Hammertal 2 Hattingen. It all started going rather well, then she I asked if I wanted to fuck. Lovely strong smell off it. Happy to meet up, PM me. Or any other places? I just noticed on Joyclub. Then there 3 of us on our knees and she was doing her best to suck and wank us all.

Berlin swinger / partytreff clubs. any updates?

Really good value 12 hours for 35 euro including full bar and some food. Around 9 pm her and the couple moved down the back and both women were open to everyone. I closed my eyes, tried to think of my horniest fantasy and wanked a good load onto her big saggy ole tits. I then requested 69, and her guy went to the bar and left us at it for a while. Its often very easy to get into the action here. Really good spa area which was the highlight.

Dating plattform schwul sankt johann im pongau österreich

Really brought me back to local girlfriends many moons ago. No single ladies either even though a few were registered. Also a single lady in her 40's, also very obese. Plus I usually get a little drunk with the inclusive free bar.

Had a good few drinks then, beers and whiskeys. Am planning days in Berlin next month and will be stopping by the Thursday evening at Insomnia again after a great experience last time I was there. Anyone actually read my reports anymore, comment if you do because I think no one does. Blue heaven Gelsenkirchen.

So in der Tat ist es nicht gonna be fünf Tests, dass Frauen Pornographie ! vermitteln völlig falsche

Arrived around 7. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

There about 6 mostly middle aged guys in attendance. I only had 10 minutes activity with a total dog and I lost stiffness. Cost for a single bloke 70 euro, which I wouldn't mind paying if there is a good turnout of women and couples. A few times in the past but I think standards have fallen at both.

Hairy Vageena at the Sausage Fest. Often there will be no shows from Joyclub but that can be offset by people just turning up which nearly always happens. End of May Wednesday Been meaning to post this for a while.

I lay her down and moved in on her hairy pussy, wow years since I've licked a full hairy pussy. The musky smell really turned me on. There were 19 women, 82 Couples, and 80 blokes registered for the party yesterday. Naked for the guys and lingerie for the women. Support the Forum and Buy a Subscription Today! Over on the other bed another couple were getting busy with a couple of guys. Way too many single men tho.

She came just to be flogged by the owner who gave her 2 sessions lasting around 10 minutes using various whips and canes from his collection, plus she liked it hard as the whipping left bright red marks on her enormous arse. One couple in their 50's, lady was fugly, very obese but friendly. Attached Thumbnails. No torn seats or the like. Also here is a list of the various parties taking place every day near the Bochum area. She seemed like a total amateur newbie swinger. These days I really only go to swingers for a bit of cheap entertainment on my down days on trips.

The owners prepare it themselves and really go to great rounds, at least 6 different meat dishes with lo of veg sides, rice, potatoes, pasta, sal and desserts. Hi guys!

Couple were caressing on the bed, woman about 50, decent body but ugly face, her guy was mid to late 30's. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. More later.

Its a good spacious setup, much more spacious than P3 which is a only a few km away. More single guys arrived then. Last Jump to : 31 to 45 of This blog is moderated by Dark Vader. Her suck was decent but she handled my balls a bit roughly. It was amusing to watch but that BDSM does nothing for me sexually. I went over there and got BBBJ almost immediately off the woman, fuck she was horrible looking though, and around 60! Hope to do the big Wednesday party in Steinenhaus-Erlebnisclub, seems to be busy.

The club is in great shape and everything is fresh and in good condition. Jan 21st to 26th I heading over to bochum on Jan 21st for 5 nights. Any party with over registrations on Joyclub is usually busy. Another lady in her 40's with a nice face but totally horrible body ed the action later. Got a beer and noticed something going on in the corner bed.

Posts: Was there today. Then 3 more couples arrived before midnight but I was absolutely wrecked, and left just after midnight. Now I was ready to cum but the session had ended. I have been to Anni Porsche and Erlebnisw. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Probably around 20 guys, and still only 4 couples. I changed into black teeshirt and boxers, good they have lockers with a key on a wristband. Any updates? Whichever it is I will definitely report back in the name of research.